Artist News - Ariel

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Artist News - Ariel

Those of you who live in the UK might have heard the news already or even seen it live on TV this Monday: Ariel's believer-funded track "Supernova" got featured on last week's episode of Channel 4 TV series 'Made in Chelsea'. We asked the singer/songwriter how the song plugging took place and the message behind it. Here's what she has to say.

A lot of people have been asking how a track by an artist without the backing of a record label or publisher got her song onto a nationally broadcast Channel 4 show. To be honest, it's down to a combination of good luck, good connections and a good song, well produced (though you're free to disagree!). This is exactly the kind of break I was looking towards when I was fundraising on Sellaband as, increasingly, there are opportunities for independent artists to get their music to a wider audience via the media.

A friend of mine in the music industry is an artist manager, radio DJ and song picker for TV and film. She listened to my Believer-funded e.p. and felt two of the tracks might be suitable for a number of productions she had been hired to source soundtrack songs for. She put the songs in front of the producers of 'Made in Chelsea' and they decided 'Supernova' was just what they were looking for in a particular scene, in episode 7, the climax of a masquerade ball where a girl and a boy finally get it together romantically. That was all - the song sounded right for the scene and was in front of the right people at the right time.

A lot of people I know watched the show specifically to hear my song playing, which was really sweet. They were genuinely excited about it, as was I. It sounds like many of them felt the show is of the "love it or hate it" kind, something you watch with guilty pleasure after 'Glee' has finished. The press seem to be breathless with fascinated condemnation of the show. It's all about privileged young people living out gilded, genteel yet hedonistic lives in the wealthiest borough of London, so that's bound to raise some heckles during the recession. It's ironic to me because I wrote the song about having serious fun when you have no money in your pocket! 

'Supernova' was one of the first demo tracks I put up on my profile when I started fundraising on Sellaband and made a quick splash. It struck a chord, I suppose. The demo version was an angular, guitar-driven version with heavy live drums and a monstrous middle 8, punk/new-wave sounding, sexual in a direct and electric way. I was chanelling Walt Whitman and Blake through a filter of Blondie and Eurhythmics. Mick Glossop's production is another creature altogether, with a more laid-back feel built up layer on layer from walls of vintage synth, more airy and spiritual than the demo version, and it definitely sounds like it could only have been recorded at the end of the noughties with a fond nod to the eighties. I still smile when I hear that mid-8.

The song itself - however you play it - is very raw, simple and direct - about the rush and waves of joy you get on a night out with someone who really gets you. I wrote it after an amazing all-night adventure through the streets of London with someone special. We ended up in a group watching the sun rise over the city from the sixteenth floor of a half-built skyscraper. We could just as easily have been overlooking Vedra in Ibiza or the top of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, halfway up Mont Blanc or on a cliffside cafe in Dubrovnik. It tries to capture the exhiliration of feeling like children, uninhibited and totally yourself because you're in that nightworld where everyone accepts and celebrates one another, where you can see the human free of their hang-ups and insecurities. You're looking forward to seeing in the dawn with someone precious when you effortlessly bring out the best in them. You can't keep a lid on your excitement & it flows out of you and touches those around you. 'Supernova' is, and always will be, about sexual expression, fierce attraction and sensual joy.

To my believers and Sellabandians, I want to say a warm thank you for making this possible. I hope 'The Joy e.p.' can go further yet, for all of us, and that this is just the beginning.

x Ariel




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