Dennis Hello everybody, After 3 hectic year...


Hello everybody,

After 3 hectic years I decided to take a look at Sellaband again and discovered I have 262 CD’s of Mandyleigh Storm in stock!

Off course I can use them as frisbees but I’ve a better idea: everone can buy one for €5,- per CD + shipping (€2,- in holland, €3,- in Europe and €5,- for the rest of the world).

If you are an artist on Sellaband I re-invest the money in you! So if you buy 2 CD’s I buy 1 part of € 10,- in your project! (if you buy 4 CD’s I buy 2 parts etc.)

Well, let’s see if this works! If i can sell 200 CD’s to artists I can invest € 1.000,-!

You can listen to the beautiful album of Mandyleigh on