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Hello The Borg, I'm a new artist on Sellaband and I'm wondering if you would like to hear my songs? There are so many great artists on here, so if you check out my music thank you for taking the time!

Here is my link:


- Amber Edgar



Hi The Borg,

Thank you very much for being a believer! I am really happy and I welcome you to my dream journey. :)

I would love to send you my Mp3, so if you could please write me you email address and tell me what song you like, I will send you.

Once again thank you and keep in touch!




Are you a believer?

Are you an investor?

Are you extremely intelligent?

Are you exceptionally good looking?

If you answered YES to these 4 questions, we want you in the Sandbox Squad. We want your support of course but we also want your advice.

We want to know what you want & expect from us to warrant your investment. We actually want your input & feedback. We want you involved in our progress.

We don't have big tits so our awesome talent & hooky rockin tunes, experience & proven track record will have to suffice. We actually sing all of our own vocals & play all of our own instruments, arrange and co-produce all of our own songs.

We encourage all legendary, cool people to shoot us a message. Let's chat about getting you a CD and some cool merchandise.

We look forward to hearing from you.




If you have some time , we would appreciate you stopping by and giving our music a listen.
Thank-you for your time,

have a great day!


Ophelia Syndrome: http...

Hello TheBorg, I hope that you do not mind me commenting on your wall? I wanted to introduce myself and my band Ophelia Syndrome (http://www.sellaband.com/projects/os). If you get a chance, we would appreciate you stopping by and giving our music a listen. If not, that's okay too! Thank-you for your time, and have a great day! ~Deanna :)



It's so nice to meet you here! I hope you can find some time to listen to our music. Maybe you'll become a believer! Have a wonderful day!


Double A

Exciting News !!

My song "You're not my girlfriend" has been selected for this weeks TalentCast 'Song of the week' competition!

If you've not already voted, and like the sound of it, I'd really appreciate your supporting vote.

Many Thanks


Double A

Hey there!
I'd love your opinion on my song 'Wear this for me'.

A Sellaband member & drummer recently wrote: 'Finally a great song sung from the guys perspective. Proof that all men are probably perverts but we don't really want to admit it.'

What do you reckon? Any feedback you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Warm regards


Double A

Hi there!

I'm Aaron and I have some fantastic songs for you to check out!

I'm a Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist in New Zealand and new to Sellaband.
I hope you'll enjoy them.

Warm regards


Chapter II feat. Natal...

Hello we are Chapter II feat. Natalie Chandra. We are on sellaband since the 25th of april 2009. We are a rock band from Switzerland. It make us happy if you would find the time to visit our profil where you will find more infos about our works. We would like to convince you with our music to invest in us.
If you need any further infos from us feel free to contact us.
Chapter II feat. Natalie Chandra




We have a new music-video out for NO MORE and the single version of NO MORE is now available in online stores!

Also an acoustic version of the song is available as a FREE mp3 download!

please visit our site www.nemesea.com




Banshee is calling to ...

We are celebrating our halfway... :) And we think its worth something really special!

in our player you will find a song 'Sally Gardens' with amazing voice of Ellie Williams... and of course some fiddling, whistling, and other celtic stuff from us!

Hope you like it ? :)



Banshee is calling to ...

Dear Friend ,

Whatever are your origins, faith and style...

May your home be trimmed in love
With joy wound 'round and 'round,
May laughter raise the rafters
And merriment abound...
May your hearth glow with the smiles
Of all your kith and kin,
And may heaven grace this place
As the good Lord dwells within.

Wishing you the
Merriest Christmas!

Banshee Celtic Band

And, besides i wanted to check if you noticed our new incentive system? Thats a funny counting thing, you earn celtic gems for various things related to buying more than one part. We are just trying to fill the gap SAB left after new era... :) These celtic gems may be spend for nice collectible stuff like Banshee CDs, T-shirts, email accounts in bansheecelticband.co m domain, or even for biggest investors - Banshee kilt! :)

Feel free to check and let me know what do you think :)



Samurai Fury (Vote for...

Hi, we're Samurai Fury - Shred rocknroll from Scotland!!
We're in the ArenaFest weekly vote this week and we really need your Vote!

Please follow this link and Vote Samurai Fury!!
we're either on page 1 or 2


Thanks a lot!!


MOPI - -

Hi from Mopi!!!
Pentad crazy people already have recorded a few songs and want to share one’s joyful writings with you! If you are able to listen to this songs until end …it means it’s OK. ;)

The best from Poland,