TalentCast - Song of the week

Posted on May 30, 2011 09:08

TalentCast - Song of the week

This time the winner of the TalentCast Song of the Week is Wildcat with "Timeless Time", the opening track from her just released SellaBand-funded album "Desolate Enigma".

Wildcat is the artist name of the German electronica artist Tanja Wiles, who turned to electronic music after a past in a punk band. Working alone with the computer gave her a lot of opportunities to explore ideas, and that is how her mysterious soundscapes were born.
In February 2007, Wildcat signed up on SellaBand to raise funds for her debut album and found many new fans of her music. In August 2010, she met her target. Her album was recorded in Wellencocktail Studio in Hamburg.
Just after finishing working on her album, Wildcat started a second project on SellaBand for a dance remix EP of her music. She will work on it together with Achim from Wellencocktail studio. Two tracks are already finished and you can hear them on the project's page.
The interview with Wildcat about her music history and her debut album is in this edition of TalentCast.




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I am happy that so many people voted for my song.Thank you:)

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