Rising star Chris Jones joins SellaBand

Posted on October 06, 2009 10:41

Rising star Chris Jones joins SellaBand

Leading Dutch management company AT Management, is pleased to announce the arrival of Chris Jones on SellaBand. To acquire funds for his solo debut album, Chris has just opened a 'Custom' profile on SellaBand, with a target of €60,000. British born Jones plays a very prominent role in the new video of famous Dutch rock band Within Temptation. Chris is duetting with Sharon den Adel in new single 'Utopia.' The same team behind the remarkable success of WT will also produce and guide Chris Jones. Joining SellaBand is a very deliberate career move for Chris and AT Management. Says AT's Raymond Rijnaars: "One of our key activities is developing new careers. The normal procedure is to go find a record label to fund the project. With SellaBand's new model, we now have the opportunity to find an international audience, keep his independence and have fans participating in the making of new projects. Now we will only start looking for a label, once the artist has finished his budget on SellaBand." Chris Jones is equally thrilled to join SellaBand: "Sellaband gives me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of recording my own album with help of the people who love the demos and believe in me as an artist. I can’t wait to get started."

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but guys, we are here to support Chris not to cry about the money.



Parts in Euro currency are only "a little bit more expensive". Currently, it's $14.66 per part!



i totally <3



I know! Same with me. I wanted to buy a part, but I would have to pay administration fee and paypal fee even though I have $10 left on my account. I hate that it's in Euros!



Great to see(hear) you here on SAB! Lots of success!

But it's a bit confusing with the different currencies.
I just wanted to buy a part from my remaining 10$ on my balance, but can't, as your profile is set to €.

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