TalentCast - Song of the Week

Posted on November 28, 2012 15:34

TalentCast - Song of the Week

This week the TalentCast Song of the Week is Clive Barratt with "I'm Without You".

Clive Barratt is a Canadian singer-songwriter, and, professionally, an airline pilot. Music is his passion and an escape from the stress of his job.
Clive's music adventure began when he was 12 and got his first guitar. He had basic musical training in high schools in England and Canada. At the age of 16, he taught himself to play after taking just a few private lessons, and started writing first songs.
Besides various guitars, Clive plays several other instruments: mandolin, harmonica and trumpet.
In 2009, Clive signed up on SellaBand to collect funds for recording his debut album. In August 2011, he reached his target and currently is finishing his debut album, together with his producer Robert Begg.
“My Sellaband Objective”, Clive says, “is to make a CD with mainly contemporary rock-pop songs that people will still be singing to themselves long after the stereo, MP3 player or radio has been turned off”.


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