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Day 5 -A Titanic Day

April 16, 2012 20:57

Hello friends

Well today has been another busy day here at camp williams! In discussions with Dave regarding the final bits and bobs that need to be recorded, along with my fantabulous drummer Zac Gribble I've got a couple of final vocals to do and Zac some drums.

Just figuring out when and where to do it, but we've been getting some great support from the Plymouth College of Art, which is where we recorded the first lots of drum sessions. Zac has done a great job of picking up and feeling the new songs, and hearing him now on some of the mixes has made such a difference. I think you are going to be really surprised with some of the tracks.

Also SE Electronics have been great and let us use one of their kick ass mics called a Gemini. Tis lovely! Full credit must go to Dave Ankers though (da producer) the way he is pulling it together is like magic! He's working so hard too! He's got a baby too and a very understanding wife, who is also doing an amazing job of the album artwork.

I'm very blessed. As we speak my hubby Steve is beginning work on the new website too. Watch this space.

I finished the day off with a lovely day with my mum, watching Titanic in 3D. We realised today that the first time we watched it together was 15 years ago in New Jersey,when my mum lived there. Can't believe everything that has happened in those 15 years.

Stay tuned also for an opportunity for you to get involved with the album artwork with HOPE,

hope your Monday has been OK, I'm back to work tomorrow after a bit of time off!

Much love and thanks as ever for the continued support!

Els xx




Hey you're doing really good on the funds, congratulations, I hope you get to your goal soon, you're a really good musician :)