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Day 6-One The Cusp!

April 17, 2012 21:51

Evening all!

So as I write this I am on the cusp of hitting 50% (49%). It's been fantastic to have some news believers on board today as well as some current believers reinforcing their support.

I've been at work today so the first time I was able to check was 6oclock and it's always such an amazing surprise to see the little bar move a bit further to the right! It was great to see the names pop up,some I recognise some I don't!

Tonight I've had a little practice and listened to some more mixes that Dave has sent through. It's really difficult sometimes because you'll listen to a song a few times and all sorts of different ideas come long and the skill of the producer I think is what to leave out as well as what to put in. Looking forward to recording some string parts in the next couple of weeks as well. I have managed to find a wonderful violinist in Mr Joseph O'Keefe, who is one of those ridiculously talented musicians and plays about a million different instruments and I'm really honoured to have him onboard.

So what's new with you guys?

Much love

Els xx


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