Ellie Williams hope is actually coming!!!

50 % Angel Delight

April 18, 2012 20:20


So after a ridiculous day I'm sat here eating strawberry angel delight. For those of you who don't know what it is it's basically powdered sugar (strawberry flavour in this instance) whisked into half a pint of milk, left to set. Childish. Wrong. Amazing.

So this evening after taking a rather naughty little puppy to obedience class, I come home to see that we've hit 50%!!!!!!!! Yippppeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

I'm frankly astonished and humbled that in under a week we've come this far together. I'm so grateful for all of you for your lovely emails and comments you've been sending, and for the tweets too! If anyone is on twitter my follow is @elliewilliams-nice and easy! Lovely Selaband sent their congrats on 50 % too.

So we've gone over the bridge, there's less to go then went before it, and HOPE is coming! Stand by for some news for believers,

Lots of love

Els xxx


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