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Incentive Sendout Date

Dear PE Believers,

There have been questions in regards to PE Believers and incentives.

Here is information on that issue:

All SellaBand Believers will e ...[more]

'Once again back is the incredible'

Dear Believers,

'Once again back is the incredible'

The fact that Public Enemy will deliver 2 albums
in the summer of 2012 is a incredcombo of s ...[more]

A Long and Winding Road: Thank You Believers

We just received word that our fund raising campaign has completed. This is truly a great moment for us and we owe it all to our fams on Sel ...[more]

PE releases New Video for "Say It Like It Really Is"

Check the video page for the new video release for Public Enemy.

Linkin Park Pay Homage to Public Enemy

Linkin Park have admitted Public Enemy have strongly influenced their forthcoming album 'A Thousand ...[more]

New Digital Exclusive: "Say It Like It Really Is"

To our Believers and Fams:

We're very pleased to see the uptick in traffic here on SellaBand and we applaud the Bogatzki led new regime ...[more]

PE Delivers a Megablast to SummerFest - Milwaukee

It has been 28 years since Public Enemy formed in Long Island, New York, and 18 years since the hip hop group released their controversia ...[more]

PE Store Back In Effect ..... Dig it!

Public Enemy had in 1998 one of the first websites complete for a hip hop and rap act. Hence that very first year had one of the first o ...[more]

23 Summer Dates Added!!

Continuing our 2010 touring featuring a recreation of the epic "Fear of a Black Planet" album, we've added 23 Summer tour dates. We've got a nice mix of festivals ...[more]

P.E. Gives Vancouver A Marathon

Hip-hop legends make a good case that you can still believe the hype

By Mike Usinger

Flavor Flav has never been accused of being out on the street w ...[more]

Canada Getting First Taste of "Fear"

Rap acts are notoriously late starters, so the fact that Public Enemy hit the stage only an hour and a half later than they were scheduled on Sunday i ...[more]

Collaborating with Rise Against!!

And the excitement for the next album just gets bigger and bigger ... That's right folks as we previously mentioned were going to be working with a few k ...[more]

Blown Away by Our Biggest Believers - Yo Nicola!!!

Let us make it clear that we love the support of all of our Believers and know that this is truly a grass roots effort where every dollar, ...[more]

Collaborating with DJ Z Trip!

Here we go again!

Yes! We're pleased to announce our 2nd collaborator on the upcoming SellaBand-Public Enemy Album. We've been fans of this guy for a lo ...[more]

Collaborating with Tom Morello!

The next album is starting to take form and shape and we're very excited to announce that we will be collaborating with Tom Morello from Rage Against The ...[more]