Custom_cd Public Enemy - Thank You!!! 100%




Hey Guys! Wondering if you had any plans for Facebook? I posted your SellaBand profile in the largest P.E group I could find. Hopefully it helps spread the word. Looking forward to the album! Best of luck!!


Utterly B Groovy

It'll be interesting to see if AmazonUK steps in with their "100 Parts" at $30K ... which is going to be pretty soon ...


maitreya tour


Shot for the shout out!

On behalf all us artists I wanna thank you guys for Bum Rushing this show & putting a shot of adrenalin up in here... we're stoked to have you on board and feelin' your interactive style...

He whanau kotahi tatou, we're one family. Chur chur for reminding us... keep on rollin forward ya'll!

Peace, m



Yeeeeeaaaaah, what´s up ? To be honest...Public Enemy is o.k.. I grew up with this...even i am listen more to other styles of music. But you know how cool it is to have all this support of great people? Give them something back! 25 bucks is a whole week of spaghetti for a poor man / girl. I would love to support you with a part ,but cant effort it now. Anyway...i just want to let you know that it´s awesome that you go that way.I hope you make many musiclovers aware of new ways...i hope that the industry follows with inovation...whatever...have fun to raise an album on this are a lot of awake and openminded people.
Love from the german WILDCAT ( tanja)


Berry (aka Raasdorp)

What time is it?! Time to believe!
Altough $25 pp is a bit much for a Sellaband-believer from the early days, I am in! Good luck here!


NRG Rising


Rippin it up is Public Enemy in Sellaband......much love and try and contain the excitment.........

Nga mihi aroha
Sistah B
NRG Rising


T-ka / June Caravel

I'm in 2!!! So happy to contribute to the masters of hip-hop album...
Well guys, if you're looking for a girl singer, you know where to find me!
Best with your album!




Some news on french website :

"Le nouvel observateur" (newspaper)

France2 (public TV)



Hey PE. I'm so glad I found this. You can thank digitalmusicnews . com which is where I found you. I do a little music news blog at so I search all kinds of sites for info. I kickin down some money for you guys FO SHO!


Aly Cook

That press is gaining momentum.. go PE.. and hey .. if ya wanna sus me .. chur to the chur.. back to the tweet and the FB !


BONNIE www.bonnierocks...

Public enemy rocks! Its so possitive For Sellaband and every member of this great community to have you here!
Well done already and hope you get to 250K very soon!!

Good luck!

Sofi xxx


Aly Cook

Cool .. you mentioned me as a friend in your blog .. how cool is that for a little independent country artist from New Zealand.. please drop by my page guys .. xxx chur to the chur.. You guys are on fire 10% already :) Press is rolling along .. and twitter is all a fire.. Arohanui .. Aly xx


Tamas Dravai

some Hungarian (Hungary, Europe) news regarding PE and Sellaband



Hey! You said you'd like to know when and where there are stories, so, good news: there are stories about this even in Finland! There you go:

These are all from 6th October: (Finnish music website) (the page of the Finnish national TV) (music website)

I also checked Poland, my old country, but I'm sorry, there were too many stories, so I won't post all these links here ;) Have a look...

Congrats on 10%, you will have probably reached it by now as you were close when I started typing :D


Public Enemy - Thank Y...

What's up Maitreya & Cub World?! Again, its great to get the love of SellaBand artist community.

We're starting to see some Believers lead the way in the fund raising with multi-part investments. Let's be clear that every part and every Believer means the world to us and we love that everyone is doing what they can.

Answer to Question from Buddhabobby: PE is offering a 1/3 of revenues from sales of the upcoming album to its Believers. This will administered on the accounting side by SellaBand.

I think SellaBand's terms of service should be on point for your other questions.

It's 6:00 p.m. in New York on Thursday and we're almost at 10%. This is amazing but we've got to keep it up. We're not taking anything for granted and hell we've got another 90% to go.

Little by little we'll be putting more content on this page for your listening and viewing pleasure, so always be sure to check back.