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  • April 13, 2008
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The Plan

Okay, I like to keep it simple: My goal is 50K (50,000 dollars) I want to make a full album. Every believer will get my limited edition album sent at home. 1 album per part, but with a maximum of 10 albums per believer. Every believer will also get a free download of the album (for those with an MP3 player). 75% of... [more]

Hot Stuff!

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    Inge posted a new Blog: I am back!

    Dear friends, fans and believers! I am back!!! I just started a new fundraising project on Sellaband, and I hope to see you all there!!! Please visit and support my second album!! Love, Inge

    18 Jun 19:27
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    Inge: 'I see you'
    30 Jan 17:47
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    Inge posted a new Blog: selected for song of t...

    Hi all! How have you been? I hope you have been enjoying my cd! The song 'what we always wanted' from my album has been selected by Talentcast and can be chosen as song of the week! You can vote for my song by going to www.talentcast.n... [more...]

    30 Jan 17:47
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    Inge posted a new Blog: Video for You know the...

    Hi all! Did you see my new video for "You know the Game" yet? I posted it here on my SAB profile... enjoy!! xxx Inge

    08 Jan 16:58
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    Inge: What's on your mind
    08 Jan 16:57
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    Inge posted a new Blog: Want to see me perform...

    On februari the 12th 2011 I will perform with my brand new band! We will play songs from my album 'I see you' as well as some new songs. I would love to invite you all tho this event!! Entrance is free!!, you need to ma... [more...]

    28 Nov 14:25
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    Inge: I see you
    17 Sep 05:11
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    Inge posted a new Blog: revenues

    Dear believers It has been 3 months now since the release of my album. If it's correct, all of you have recieved a copy (or more) of my cd at home. (If not: please let me know!!!) Now in case you were wondering what will happen with the revenues: As you kn... [more...]

    17 Sep 05:10
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    Inge: tomorrow night live on Moerdijk FM between 10pm and 11pm CET
    09 Sep 10:20
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    Inge: release party was great!!!
    07 Sep 13:46
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    Inge posted a new Blog: tomorrow!!!

    Yes, tomorrow! My official release party in Gouda!! Hope to see you all there!!! Entrance is free, first drink is on me :-) Check details at xxx Inge

    05 Sep 10:14
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    Inge: Tomorrow.... tomorrow.....
    05 Sep 10:12
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    Inge: thank you for voting!!!
    28 Aug 16:10
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    Inge posted a new Blog: vote for me on Talentcast

    Hi all! I am proud that a song from my new album is selected for the song of the week competition on Talentcast! You can all vote for me (you need to become a member first) on I hope you will all vote for me!! - Log in... [more...]

    21 Aug 17:32
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    Inge posted a new Blog: release party septembe...

    I will have my official cd release party monday the 6th of september, 8pm in Lumina, Gouda. Doors will open at 7.30pm Address of Lumina is: Omlooppad 2 Gouda I would like to celebrate my album together with my fans and believers from... [more...]

    12 Aug 18:52
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    Inge: has a band!!
    12 Aug 08:40
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    Inge: new video!!!
    01 Aug 09:07
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    Inge: free download of "You know the Game" on cdbaby!!
    31 Jul 09:55
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    Inge posted a new Blog: free download of "you...

    You can now download "you know the game" for free on !! xxx Inge

    31 Jul 07:16
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    Inge posted a new Blog: band and website

    Hi dear all!! Did you check out my new website already? You can go to the English version if you like, just click on the English flag! Everything is going great here.. I am planning my official cd release party in september, in... [more...]

    20 Jul 11:37