Website Update: 01/06/10

Posted on June 01, 2010 13:45

Website Update: 01/06/10

Dear All,

wow, exciting and productive times! Today we have some big changes in this weeks' release - let´s start with this:

We have been working on a connection between SoundCloud and SellaBand. Starting right now it's possible to import all your SoundCloud music into SellaBand and vise versa. Your gain is more protection for your music and all kinds of social features on the SoundCloud platform. This feature is still in Beta and we didn´t wanted to deprive it from you any more. So should you encounter anything strange please let us know and we will further improve it.

In addition we are currently investigating how we can offer more of the cool SoundCloud features in the future to further improve the SellaBand experience.

The SellaBand Dev Team



der Pieps

Thanks for the update ; I have deleted my Soundcloud account :P



Just to clarify a bit more. It's an Artist feature and you can access it via the 'Edit playlist' link just below your own artist playlist.


Adrian - @scrobbleme

That's nice. Personally I would prefer Last.FM. Maybe you could plan this for a later update.

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