Welcome to the All New SellaBand

Posted on October 01, 2009 13:00

Welcome to the All New SellaBand

Today we have updated the website and have implemented a number of changes to the SellaBand concept. Most important changes: From now on Artists fund raising on SellaBand can keep all their rights and we have introduced Budget Flexibility. You can find all other relevant points under the What's new section of the website.

There is also a new feel to the website. A number of features have disappeared, while others have been replaced and new elements have been added. One thing frequent visitors of the site will notice is the absence of the community page. You can find a direct link to the Forum in the footer of the site, but the rest of the community section is still under construction and will re-surface once we are happy with its new direction.

All Artists have been notified about the changes to the concept. A number of these Artists have already informed us that they want to change their budgets and/or incentives. Before any of these changes will be in effect, all their current Believers will be informed.

We've said it before, but will say it again: all previous commitments with the current 34 Recording Artists will remain in effect, as they were. You may see some of them return though, to fund new projects under the new conditions. 



Stefan Steiner

The site is looking and working a lot better. I just have a few issues.
1. When I look at the list of artists I believe in and have funded on my dashboard, the order of the artists seems random. At least the old site sorted artists based on total parts sold. I would like to see each header field be clickable and resort the list based on that column. Clicking the same header will resort in the opposite order. This will bring this part of SAB up to somewhat modern times.
2. It appears SAB still has some issues with IE8 and possibly prior versions too since formatting of comments in forums and on my wall is still messed up. Words are broken across two lines at the character level instead of the word level. This doesn't happen with Firefox.
3. The SAB website still presents itself as a XHTML 1.0 Transitional doctype, yet there are still a number of errors in the rendered pages. It appears to be better than before but there are still a lot of errors. See: Formatting errors were OK with old HTML, but XHTML sites are supposed to not have any errors for best browser rendering.




Forum is repaired :-)

does the formatting still work here, at least?


A Little Faith

Looks like I was a bit too quick with my praise, link to the forum does not work anymore.


One slice of bread

Great job, webteam and HQ! Looks like we're back on track with Sellaband (I never doubted it for a second ;-)...). I trust in the (near?) future all the budgetplans / incentives will be listed not only on the artispage but on the overall view as well? And PLEASE remove the "old" insult... ehrrr incentives! It will be interessting to see what plans the artists come up with. A new exciting era has begun!


MerchantEyes almost pa...

Looks like this time SAB got it right and launched a fully functioning revamp of the site. Congratulations for the great job!!



Good to see your getting everything sorted. Cheers to whoever it was who mentioned the forum link is at the foot of the page!

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