Dutch artist Hind raised €40,000 in 11 days

Posted on December 07, 2009 08:58

 Dutch artist Hind raised €40,000 in 11 days

Female singer Hind (25) has completed her fund raising project on SellaBand in just 11 days. The artist, a former Pop Idol from the Netherlands, raised €40,000 ($60,000) to record a new studio album through online platform SellaBand, where music fans can invest in independent artists. Nearly 1,000 so called Believers from more than 50 countries, collectively donated an average of $5,500 per day, a new fund raising record by all standards. Hind is quite overwhelmed with her success: “I’m totally amazed by the speed with which I've managed to fund this album. After my TV performance on the Dutch TV show ‘Pauw & Witteman’, where I had the opportunity to discuss my decision to pursue my career through SellaBand, everything went very fast.” Hind brought hundreds of fans to SellaBand, but was also immediately embraced by the platform’s existing community. Says SellaBand CEO Johan Vosmeijer: “This is an unprecedented success, for Hind as well as for SellaBand. We are seeing more and more artists who want to engage directly with their fans. We have now proven that it is possible to use SellaBand for financing your new album in just a couple of weeks, while as an artist you retain all your rights and have total artistic freedom.” To date, 39 artists, from 14 different countries have completed their funding process through SelaBand and 25 albums have been released. “It’s been four years since my last album”, continues Hind, “and with the support of my fantastic fans I can now make the album I’ve always wanted to make.” The search for a fitting production team has already begun. In the meantime, Hind will return to SellaBand today, Tuesday December 8, to fund the next phase of her project: a marketing budget of €30,000 ($45,000). In total she plans to raise €100,000 through SellaBand to fund an international release of her album and give a full return of incentives to her loyal fans.

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Well, Saturday, around 10:45pm, you said? :-)

December 06, 2009 02:54 1 Part in Hind $-15.10
December 06, 2009 02:53 -1 Parts in Hind $15.10

Funny, indeed!


A Little Faith

Was a newsitem on Radio1 this morning (national radio, news and sports channel. Interview with Hind on her achievement, her plans and explanation of how SAB works.




This was really unbelievably fast! And 700+ new believers!

Record breaking, regarding speed, amount(€40k == $60k) and number of believers for the availiable parts!

Good for Hind, good for Sellaband!

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