Sellaband in the press

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"Some musicians who don’t land a contract have been asking their fans to supply grants for developing new music."


"Likewise, connects music lovers with unsigned artists looking to record albums. It's a way to bypass the labels; groupies can now fill that role."


"Public Enemy are Sellaband's first major client."


"It appeals to the venture capitalist in all of us, whether we be a stock broker, a ruthless talent scout or a proud patron of the arts."


"SellaBand's financial engine model goes about restructuring the music business in reverse."


"Ambitious musicians and bands seeking to get an album recorded are turning to a new website which allows them to appeal direct to their fans to finance them in return for a slice of any profits should they make it big."


"While the major labels are crumbling due to rampant downloading of pirated music, the Internet has also given bands the means to go their own way--to a growing extent, they are no longer dependent on an EMI or Warner Music to get their music to fans."


"Sellaband helps bands raise money to fund professional recording of albums."


"SellaBand has been recognized over the years by several top news & media agencies as well as influential people in the music industry for their great service which helps fans support the new music they love."


"Sellaband was the first company to pioneer this approach."


"A site called SellaBand applied the idea in the music sphere."


"The music industry has already had a measure of success with fan funding."


"Sellaband, a crowdfunding site for musicians, has had some difficult times but has remained in the business of helping artists get funding from fans."